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Tajweed course

Mistakes in Tajweed

12th Apr 2020
Tajweed lessons

The scholars have divided the types of mistakes one might fall into when reciting the Qur’an
into two types:
1.Clear mistakes and
2.Unobvious (hidden) mistakes.
The Clear mistakes must be avoided by all and to avoid them one must know the rules
of Tajweed. If a person falls into the Clear Mistakes, this is considered a sin and Ibn
Taymiyyah even regarded it undesirable for a Student of Knowledge (i.e. someone who
knows Tajweed) to pray behind a person who makes Clear Mistakes in their Salaah. As for
the Unobvious mistakes, then the ruling on them is lighter and the recitation of a person
falling into this type of mistake is regarded as lacking in completeness and prayer behind
such a person is sound.

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