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Tajweed course

Helpful Tips towards learning Tajweed

18th Apr 2020
Tajweed lessons

* You must find a Qur’an teacher who has studied Tajweed to listen to your recitation and
correct you. Tajweed cannot merely be learnt from books, because the movements of your
mouth as well as the sounds are important and only a teacher can correct you and make sure
you are applying the rules correctly. Qur’an recitation is a science which was passed down
generation by generation through teachers not just books, with a direct line to the Prophet
* Follow this book containing the rules of Tajweed and learn each rule little by little,
applying it as you go along with the help of your teacher. Following the charts will make it
even better to understand and remember the rules InshaaAllah.
* Listen to Qur’an tapes of reciters who recite very clearly (you can find that also at, at a medium or slow speed and notice them applying the different rules of
Tajweed. Repeat after them while trying to apply the rules you’ve learnt. Try to copy their
tone and melody as well and see how it changes as the meaning of what they’re reciting
* Apply the rules you learn to the Surahs you have already memorized and don’t save any
effort about reciting correctly. You might have to revise the surahs by looking back at them.
* Practice and repetition will make perfect InshaaAllah: As Ibn al-Jazaree says in his poem
about acquiring Tajweed: ‘And there is no obstacle between it (learning Tajweed) and
leaving it, Except that a person must exercise his mouth with it!’
May Allah help us all to give His Book its right when we recite it and make reciting it more
beloved to our tongues than anything else. Aameen.

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