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Important points concerning fasting :

23rd Apr 2020 18:54

Fasting is obligatory during daylight
From dawn to sunset) 🕡
(2:183) Believers, fasting has been made mandatory for you as it was made mandatory for the people before you, so that you may have fear of God
*Fasting means abstaining from things which break the fast, such as food, drink and intercourse, from the break of true dawn (....

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Fasting Ramadaan,Virtues of the Month of Ramadaan,Those Who Are Exempt from Fasting

23rd Apr 2020 18:33

 Fasting (siyyaam or sawm) is an act of worship which involves abstaining from all food, drink, sexual activity and anything which is bound to break the fast from dawn (the time of calling to the Fajr prayer) till sunset (the time of calling to the Maghrib prayer).
The Wisdom behind Fasting

Allah  ﷻ commands the believers to observe the fast for numerous reasons pertaining to this world and the hereafter. These include the ....

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